LifeBEAM Smart Hat Fitness Tracker Measures Performance without a Chest Strap!


03 Dec LifeBEAM Smart Hat Fitness Tracker Measures Performance without a Chest Strap!

As the leading innovator in performance measurement instruments, we take pride in our ability to revolutionize the way fitness is tracked.  By creating advanced fitness tracking instruments that measure calories, heart rate, cadence and more directly from the blood flow, we bring back the control and the comfort to the cyclers, runners and sports lovers.

The idea behind an advanced line of wearable technology that integrated forehead measurements was created following the successful line of military and aerospace grade helmets we created. In addition to providing more accurate results, our forehead measurement technique was more comfortable – simply put.  After creating a successful helmet, we decided to take our revolutionary technology to the next level with an advanced, ultralight, dry fit smart hat that provides runners with the ultimate fitness companion.

The LifeBEAM smart hat, which is powered by Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, can seamlessly integrate with hundreds of fitness apps and devices, and provides runners with the ability to accurately measure their performance without the constraints of a chest strap. By providing runners with the ability to pair with the fitness app or device of their choice, we’re bringing back the freedom running should have. No longer bound to a particular application or instrument, the LifeBEAM smart hat measures everything a runner needs to know to accurately track performance.

In addition to being comfortable, lightweight and non constricting, the LifeBEAM smart hat has an advanced motion resistance feature, so no matter how extreme your run is, we won’t skip a beat! The LifeBEAM smart hat also features advanced weather capabilities that ensure our electro-optical sensors will accurately record your heart rate, cadence, calories and more, no matter where you choose to run!

When not wearing the LifeBEAM smart hat, you can just store it in our ultra-cool and ultra-light carbon casing (free with every purchase for a limited time only!)

Take the first step and break free from chest straps! Wearable technology is here and LifeBEAM is leading the way!